2.It’s better to look

The principles of modern aesthetic medicine are quite consistent with our desire to feel comfortable at any age. Surgical operations replaced – desperate (and often dangerous) attempts to escape from old age – today have come softer anti -aging technologies. They help maintain the optimal skin condition without denying aging, but smoothing its signs.

A holistic approach

Beauty today is a synonym for health: more and more often cosmetology and medicine are united in order to take care of not only our appearance, but also about well -being. It is precisely these principles that modern medical centers are guided by, where specialists of various profiles work and are trained: not only cosmetologists and dermatologists, but also endocrinologists, gynecologists, immunologists, gerontologists … A serious approach to beauty requires modern scientific methods, therefore advanced beauty and health centers, unlike ordinary spa or cosmetology rooms, have a solid scientific base. For example, Rhana’s medical corporation collaborates with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Nii Normal Physiology named after. TO. Anokhina, the Institute of Immunology and leading foreign specialists in the field of anti-aging technologies, the Salama Salama and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier (Luc Montagnier). Thanks to this, a subtle, requiring high professionalism, work on health and self -awareness, which allows us to look better, which means younger. But only if we are not waiting for the impossible and are ready to share responsibility for the result with specialists. “We are faced with a great task – to support the life potential of patients and get the desired result without surgical influence,” explains RHANA Irina Balashova, head physician of Rhana. “Patented technologies, natural exclusive drugs and an individual integrated approach allow you to cope with this task”.

Wipe out traces of fatigue

Before engaging in appearance, it is necessary to enable the body to remove neuromuscular overloads, recover, check its hormonal background, take care of a balanced diet. “The meaning of our work is not only to remove wrinkles and improve the appearance, but also to give a person a charge of energy so that he feels active, young and healthy,” comments Irina Balashova.

5 ideas for the body and soul

  • 1. Take care of your health
  • 2. It’s better to look
  • 3. Read philosophers
  • 4. Start psychotherapy
  • 5. Inspired by the example of the elders

To start taking care of yourself, do not wait for 40 or 50 years. At any age, we have many ways to smooth out age -related changes: soft peels, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, as well as mesotherapy – the introduction of nutrients into the skin. “With age, a deficiency

of the components necessary for the health and youth of the skin is growing,” commented by the dermatocosmetologist of the beauty clinic Telo’s Beauty Daria Baskakova. – The goal of mesotherapy is to fill this gap. The composition of injections includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and much more. These components are safe and well tolerated “. After 40-50 years, it is worth paying attention to hardware lifting (non -surgical tightening of the skin of the face) and contour plastic, when gel -like substances are introduced under the skin to fill deep wrinkles. With the help of these procedures, you can reduce the signs of fatigue: smooth circles and bags under the eyes, make the skin more elastic, give it a radiance. After such procedures, we look rested and healthy, but there is one “but”: any positive result must be maintained, continuing to take care of at home. “In addition to the cosmetological care program, we recommend that patients with diet, select vitamins,” explains Daria Baskakova. – The approach to appearance should be complex “.

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